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NECKLACY - The Phone Necklace - 3. Generation Smartphone Necklace in "DOMINO SWIRL"

Are you ready to Party?!

NECKLACY - The Phone Necklace - Handykette "GLOW IN THE DARK" (limitiert)

Stop Hate, Love NECKLACY!

NECKLACY - The Phone Necklace - Handykette "Rainbow Pride" (limitiert)


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Individuality is the be-all and end-all for us at NECKLACY.

With our large selection of different cords you can hang your smartphone around your neck with exactly the style that suits you.

You can choose between simpler colors and funkier variations. When choosing new products, we naturally follow the latest trends to always provide you with the best and hippest accessories.

Here you can find all designs

Der Umwelt zuliebe

NECKLACY - The Phone Necklace - Handykette "Natural Domino Swirl" (Biodegradable)

Bring color into your everyday life


Quality standards at NECKLACY

Thanks to extensive development, detailed design processes and careful selection of materials, we stand for a very high quality standard, so that you can enjoy your NECKLACY for a long time.

Since 2019 we have been producing high-quality and fashionable cell phone chains with which you can comfortably wear your smartphone around your neck. With NECKLACY you have your cell phone always ready to hand and safe at your side.


The NECKLACY promise

You are the center of attention for us, so we do our best to make sure that you are as enthusiastic about our cell phone chains as we are about ourselves.

This is not only possible with our high-quality premium smartphone necklaces, but also thanks to our short delivery time. Nobody likes to wait.

Thanks to encrypted payment options, your data remains secure. Do you have any questions about our products?

We are looking forward to answering you simply by e-mail. Please feel free to write to us at: