NECKLACY Cotton Candy

In jedem von uns steckt ein kreativer Geist und ein inneres Kind. Hab keine Angst, es zu zeigen. Fühl Dich sich frei. Tanze vor dem Spiegel. Singe beim Duschen. Kümmere Dich nicht darum, was die Leute sagen und denken. Es ist Dein Leben. Genieße die Süßigkeiten und sei wie Willy Wonka.



Well, this is of course up to you. But the case itself weighs much less than the device. So it won’t make a huge difference. But if you have some cool ideas, how we can improve, please tell us.



Yes, the rings hold the phone safely and you don’t need to worry about your smartphone and enjoy walking around.



The cord is made out of PP (Polyester). This makes it safe and dirt resistant.



The strap is about 1.5m (4.9feet) long. So, you can easily wear the case like a handbag or shorten the cord to wear it around your neck.



There are more ways to wear the Phone Case. You can wear it around your neck to have in front of your body or you can wear it cross body like a handbag. Feel free and maybe you’ll find others ways that suite you.



Yes, you can also put a screen protector / security glass on your phone and use the Necklace Case.

Make sure that you use a “case friendly” screen protector. Those glasses are a little thinner and will definitely fit.

Our tests within our own team showed that with the Smartphone Necklace the possibility of cracked screens is much less. But of course, we still recommend to use a screen protector.



The diameter of the cord is about 7mm thick.



No, it doesn’t. Our production team tries everything to deliver the best possible product to you. But even with our case scratches can occur. The little rings can scratch.

We try our best to make a perfect product and you should take care by using the phone case. Use the Smartphone Necklace on your own risk.



The transparent silicone smartphone case is made out of TPU and Acrylic. The back of the case (hard case) is made out of Acrylic. The frame (soft) is made out of TPU. We use those two materials to have the back covered through a harder material. The soft frame is needed that you can put your device in the Handsfree Case.