Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 XL Phone Strap Case from NECKLACY

With the Google Pixel 3 XL you decided to have a bigger Smartphone than the regular Google Pixel 3. Of course, you now have a bigger display, but you also have the challenge where to put this device. NECKLACY will help you with this. The Google Pixel 3 XL Phone Strap let you hang your case around your neck. Whenever you need your Google Pixel 3 XL, you just grab the Smartphone Necklace, which is hanging in front of your chest or your stomach and type a message or have a phone call. Once you are ready using the Pixel 3, just let the Phone Strap fall and it will be back at your chest or at your stomach.

Go for your NECKLACY Phone Necklace and see the advantage this accessory will bring to you.