iPhone X / XS

iPhone X / Xs Smartphone Necklace Case from NECKLACY

When Apple launched their new flagship the iPhone X, it came with a huge change of the screen-to-body ratio. Compared to the iPhone 8 with a screen-to-body ratio from around 65.4% the new iPhone X / Xs now has a ratio of around 82.9%. For all iPhone Lovers there is now more to see.

And with the Smartphone Necklace there is now even more to show. This new accessory is perfect to use, because you can easily hang it around your neck and you don’t need to take it of the pocket every time.

You can remove the case easily from your iPhone X within less than a second and also attach it again.

By the way, since our NECKLACY-Team is using this lovely Phone Strap, none of us has dropped his or her phone again.