A mobile phone chain from Necklacy

Put your 2019 Smartphone on a chain! The crystal clear mobile phone case from Necklacy is only complete with the matching mobile phone chain. All our mobile phone chains are created by our own designers. Whether for the suit and evening dress or the jogging outfit, in black, gold or silver. In our shop you are guaranteed to find the right mobile phone chain. Our exclusive cord designs with stable metal parts not only look excellent, they are also mega-stable. Everything for the safety of your mobile phone. Cool and chic, Necklacy is the perfect accessory on the strap, for Apple, Samsung or many other manufacturers for almost every model. The Necklacy mobile phone case and mobile phone chain, practical and chic and a large selection and cheap shipping.

The advantages of a mobile phone chain

Safe and always handy, modern and chic, always matching every outfit. The case and the mobile phone chain from Necklacy. Combine different mobile phone chains for different occasions and your mobile phone and you will be the eye-catcher of the evening. Your phone always quickly at hand, always safe and always smartly stored. Get your Necklacy, the mobile phone cover and the mobile phone chain and finally have both hands free and your mobile phone always with you.

The great companion for shopping

The modern woman of today has her shopping list on her mobile phone, it couldn't be more practical. The only impractical thing is that you only have 2 hands, you always have to put your mobile phone in your pocket or somewhere else when you need both hands. Just hang it around your neck with the practical mobile phone case and mobile phone chain from Necklacy. So shopping is fun again. Your smartphone from Apple or Samsung is well looked after in the case on the mobile phone chain, the only accessory you really need, take a look at the selection in our shop, every colour is trendy, everything at a fixed price.


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Always handy on the job

Whether at trade fairs or when viewing real estate, the mobile phone is always with you on the job. Quickly answer a call, quickly take a few pictures for the customer, quickly confirm an appointment. Who wants to lose time searching for their phone in their handbag, for example?

With Necklacy you have your Iphone, your Smartphone always quickly at hand, without searching. And you not only look fashionable up2date but also professional. Put your smartphone 2019 on a chain and have practically every hand free. Fashion plus style plus professionalism, it couldn't be better. The best accessories for your smartphone.


Safe with the mobile phone chain on the e-scooter

Quickly from one appointment to another, through the city on an e-scooter, fast and environmentally friendly. The phone is of course always with you, but is it safe? Thanks to Necklacy, you won't miss a message, a message or a call and your mobile phone is well protected.

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Mother with child

The mother of today is more of a manager than a housewife, both hands full, always with the smartphone, the baby has to get from the car seat to the stroller, the Samsung Galaxy in one hand, everybody knows these pictures.

The solution is to simply put the phone on a sturdy cord in a case made of silicone-like material, the Necklace from Necklacy. Both hands free and always full view of what is coming in terms of communication.

Get the case from Necklacy, easy to wear with the stylish cord, the case for the modern mother of today.

Everything about Necklacy and mobile phone chains for your iPhone

We love our iPhone, Huawei and our Galaxy from Samsung. The best protection for our favourites is therefore the case on the mobile phone necklace, the case that protects your smartphone like a custom-made bag, and all this to wear around the neck. Secure and stylish on the strap, the case for your Apple iPhone and many other smartphones. You don't get this quality at amazon, only at Necklace! Berlin, the city of trendsetters, and the influencers on Instagram love the mobile phone cases and the mobile phone chain from Necklacy. Both hands free through the cover and the mobile phone chain of Necklacy.

Our case is made of TPU, not like competitor-products of silicone. Mobile phone chains for the Iphone, Huawei and many other models.